Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Recipe: Frozen Yogurt

Ice cream. Ok, I know this post is called "frozen yogurt," but first let's start with ice cream, shall we, dear reader?

I love ice cream, but ice cream  hates me. Strong language, I know, but these are strong feelings. This love/hate relationship goes a little something like this:

1. I buy some ice cream because I love it so very much.
2. I eat said ice cream, and I feel happy, happy, happy!
3. About 15 minutes later the ice cream decides to start punishing my tummy.
4. Pain, regret, vowing I'm-never-eating-ice-cream-again, looking in the freezer, longing...

Vicious cycle, I tell you.

Frozen yogurt, however, is so much nicer to me. Since yogurt is much gentler on the digestive tract of those who are lactose intolerant, if you suffer like me in similar ways then this is the recipe for you!

4 c. plain yogurt (basically 1 large tub)
3 c. frozen berries
1/4 c. honey

freezer-safe covered bowl


1. My first step is to thicken up my yogurt because the juice from the berries will add more than enough moisture, and I want a thicker and richer frozen yogurt. If you need to know how to thicken up your yogurt, see my yogurt cheese recipe. I simply leave out any flavoring, and I just let it drip naturally for about an hour.

2. Once your yogurt is ready, put it in the blender. Then add your berries and the honey. Blend it until the entire mixture is smooth.

3. Pour the mixture in a freezer-safe bowl and freeze to your desired consistency.


I just adore simple recipes, don't you? I mean, look at that! Just three steps! Here's the process I went through when I made mine this morning.

Thickened yogurt, ready to blend.
I found that the frozen berries made the honey harder to blend, so it might be easier next time to thaw them a bit.

Can't wait to have this tonight with the hubs!

Hope you enjoy yours as much as we'll enjoy ours!

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