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Letters, Lightsabers, and Love: Chapter 11

Levi and I married each other in June of 2012 after only six months of head-over-heels, foolish-about-each-other love. Our story, like every love story, has its own unique and sweet moments and timings. We continue to marvel at the way God orchestrated our lives to bring us together, and though it included pain and trials for both of us, we wouldn't change anything about it.

Everything that happened and every way that we grew led us to this moment.

Ok. So far Levi and I have written 24 letters back and forth and had our first phone call. The next one had been set up, and the excitement of getting to know each other was beginning to sweep us away...


Chapter 11: Gathering Momentum

The next day went by in a sort of fog. A bright and glowing sort of fog though, not a gloomy and depressing fog.

After I got home from church the next day I sat down to some lunch and composed a letter to Levi in reply to the letter he'd sent immediately after our phone call. I was still somewhat amazed that he'd had more to say to me after talking for an hour and a half.

Little did I know that I was soon going to learn that we could talk for a lot longer than a mere hour and a half.

On Monday I was more filled with energy than I had been for the entire school year. I worked on homework and created new assignments for students, singing to myself (or in my head if students were around) the whole time. Surprisingly, I was able to remain focused on my work and calm. Knowing that I had a pleasant phone call to look forward to was now a soothing thought, rather than one that tied my stomach in knots.

Because of silly phone plans, we had to wait until 7:00 that evening to talk, so I had some time to kill when I got home. I busied myself cleaning around the house, making some dinner, and grading a few papers. By 6:55 I was sitting on the floor in front of my couch, a pillow behind my back and a blanket wrapped around my legs.

I was ready.

Levi called right on time, and we began to chat. I wish I could tell you what we talked about, but, again, it's so hard to remember specifics, especially with the number of phone hours we would eventually rack up over our relationship.

I do remember that this phone call was more relaxed. Levi talked a bit more, and I was able to remain calm and not blather on and on about silly things. I didn't move from my spot on the floor except to roll over once and awhile when my back or stomach would get sore. Besides that, I was totally immersed in our conversation.

We wrapped up the phone conversation and decided to talk again on Wednesday (a two day window still felt like a safely conservative approach) when Levi confessed that he'd already started writing me a letter and intended to finish it that night. He wanted to write to me right away again!

"You know," I thought to myself, "here's a guy who's not playing it cool at all. He's completely putting himself out there, and if I'm not really interested in him he's already going to be hurt."

I mulled it over (and really, it only took a split-second), and then I smiled.

I did like him. A lot.

Just how much I liked him was pretty evident when I woke up the next day, realizing that my day was totally and utterly jam-packed. I had school, which for me went from 6:00 a.m. (yes, I went to work ridiculously early) to 4:00 p.m., and then I had to work the concession stand for the basketball games, which would keep me there until 10:00, easily.

What was I going to do? There would be no way to sit down and write to him between school and basketball, and forget about writing to him after running the concession stand at a basketball game. I'd be lucky if I managed to crawl from my car to my door after that one.

My solution? I left a Word document up on my computer all day, and as I had little free moments, I would write a sentence or two. I ate lunch in my classroom and wrote through that half hour. By the time the last hour of the day rolled around I'd written an entire letter. Also, since I had the entire day to keep adding things, it ended up being the longest letter I'd written to him yet. We're talking two pages, single-spaced, people. Yeah.

I'd decided not to play it cool either. After sending that off, he'd know for sure how much I already liked him. And if he was willing to put himself out there, well, then I was too. I was feeling more and more confident each day that this man wasn't going to break my heart.

And, of course, I was right. :)


Oh, dear readers, just wait until the end of that week rolls around in the story. Who knew that two people could talk on the phone so much? We're about to find out just how much it is...

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