Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's been awhile, I know. I know!

We were on Christmas break! Tomorrow is the new year, and with it will come some excitement!

We found a little house to rent! It's definitely little, but it'll be our own place. We can have a garden out back, grill in the summer, buy our piano, play our instruments as loud as we want, and do our laundry in our underwear.

With postage being what it is, we only sent out a few Christmas cards this year, so if you didn't get one, just know that it's our budget that prevents us from giving you paper greetings this Christmas. But we surely do love all of those we call our friends, and this is what we sent out to everyone, so if you didn't get to see it, please enjoy!

We'll see y'all next year!

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