Monday, July 1, 2013

The Karen People of Myanmar Singing "I Will Go with My Lord"

This Sunday we had family in town, and we'll share some pictures from that tomorrow, but right now I want to share something sweet from yesterday. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with family--at least blood relations.

Our little church up here in Minnesota might seem like any other small-town Baptist church at first, but if you looked closely, you'd realize that at least half our congregation is made of the Karen people. They are a people group from Myanmar (Burma) who have become refugees because of the civil war in their country. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, you can check out a very brief overview here.

One of the cool things about our little town is that a lot of the Karen people have been finding homes here because the turkey processing plant in town has been working with a mission organization to bring them over here, give them steady work, and provide a safe place to raise their families. When the Karen people knew they'd be coming over they asked one question, "Is there a Baptist church we can attend?"

And now, after lots of prayer and transition, they are a thriving part of our congregation. They are in leadership, and we've finally been able to begin a Sunday school class in their language and split the hymns into English and Karen on Sunday mornings.

Yesterday, their choir sang a wonderful song in their heart language called "I Will Go with My Lord." Not only is it beautiful to hear voices lifted up in song, it's also so wonderful to see how loving the Lord transcends language and culture.

So I just wanted to share a video of that song with y'all. Enjoy! Hope it lifts your day as it lifts mine!

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