Monday, October 20, 2014

Making Our Home.......Our Home

Did you think I'd fallen off the edge of the earth? It felt like it for a second. Man, that migraine over Wednesday and Thursday really took it out of me. I got home from work on Friday and just said, "Nope." Nope to making dinner. Nope to leaving my chair. Nope to having the computer open in front of me. Just nope.

So I'm back today, refreshed and rarin' to blog!
In the almost five months since we moved to our house, it's really started to feel like ours. It didn't feel like ours the second we signed on the dotted (by the way, it's never "dotted") line. It didn't actually feel like ours after spending our first week in it. It's taken putting our things on the walls and going through some major life events in this place to make it really feel like ours. I can walk through the house and already point to where some major life milestones took place. That's a lot for only five months! 

We have plenty of friends who have been in their homes longer than us, but they still haven't put anything of their own up on the walls yet. We even have some friends who haven't even taken down the previous owners' things from the walls! On the plus side for them, they have a sweet wall-sized Chinese tapestry thing hanging up in their basement.....and not a tasteful one. For me, at least, I really need to get pictures and art up on the walls of my house to feel home. And now that all but a few things are up, I really do feel home. 

We've worked on a few areas of our house, so here's a small slideshow to show you just what we've been up to. 


First, we bought ourselves a used mower. We really didn't want to have a riding lawn mower, but it turns out that it still takes an hour on this thing. And it's super fun, according to Levi. Levi learned a LOT about small engine repair after we bought this thing, and it still needs to be jumped with a car engine to start, but at least it was cheap!

Then we dug up and planted our pre-existing flower beds as our garden. Next year will come a set plot with raised beds, but since we weren't moved in until the middle of June, we just got started with this as quickly as we could. This bed had lima beans, okra, green beans, summer squash, cucumber, zucchini, and collard greens. Our other bed (not pictured) had eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, garbanzo beans, and basil. 

The first fruits of our labor. So sweet, healthy, and delicious! 

The last fruits of our labor (not including those cute, little gourds). We had about four times as many tomatoes once we cleared our plants before a freeze. Some of these guys might get turned into this galette from one of my favorite blogs, reading my tea leaves.


Our basement was partitioned off into strange "rooms" and covered in knotty pine planks. Levi and I have other ideas, so he began to remove the planks and the various boards. 

This was one of the grossest showers I've ever seen. It simply had to go. 

Midway through the demo.

A glimpse at the terror that was the basement shower. There was a shower curtain that was blue on the top and black on the bottom in it. It wasn't made that way. It was black on the bottom from all the mold growing on it. Yiiiiikes! And behind all those planks (who uses wood planks for shower walls?) were old shampoo bottles, hair dye bottles, deodorant bottles....bottles of all shapes and sizes! Neat.

Our small wall of art, by two of my favorite artists. The watercolors on the right and bottom are by Geoffrey Benzing. The amazing little painting on the upper left is by our dear friend, the amazingly talented Jamin Still. If you want some super unique and fun Christmas cards, check his out, here.

This is one of my favorite corners of the house. The real brick is wonderful, but it's really beginning to get a bit of personality with the moss gardens Levi is making and this beautiful piece of art from the incredibly talented Beth of Sawdust and Embryos. We won it in a contest just after we moved, and it already feels like part of our home!

I really like the piano wall because it's also our wall of things dear to us so far. Our wedding album, our crosses, our family plaque, our wedding program, and our salt covenant. 

Remember that beautiful picture of those tomatoes from our garden, Well, in the interests of keeping it real here, this is what the table actually looks like at this moment. Those are the remnants of a Sunday night meal that was deeeeee-licious!

Again, in the interests of keeping things real........ This is a real kitchen where some major cooking projects take place! If you ever see a picture of it looking put together, trust me when I say that's not the norm around here.

And, finally, for a few, special friends of mine from college, I present to you, my precious spoon and fort. They hang with honor above the place that the cat nourishes his body. 


This is Diego. We got him in the middle of July at six weeks old. If he's too precious for words, I understand. 

His cuteness cannot be contained. Neither can his energy or his insatiable need to chew on anything within six inches of his mouth. 

We sit in this spot together when I get home from work. The last picture was actually taken today as I was putting together this post. He was forced to vacate his normal spot so that I could type more easily. He was less than thrilled. 
This guy makes me laugh every day. This is Mr. Diego as of October 20, 2014.


Well, everyone, hope that was a good picture of where we've been spending all our time over the last few months!

Tomorrow's post will be long, hard, and very, very, very personal. 


Keep it real, 

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