Monday, October 13, 2014

New Directions

Hey y'all! Did you think you'd ever see me post here again? I had my doubts, too, don't worry.

This week will be a sort of "catch-up" for the events of the last six months or so. And then I'll move forward in a bit of a new direction with the blog.

I'm taking this blog in the direction of marriage and pregnancy. Specifically, what it's like going through those things, what different people say about those things, and what The Bible says about those things. And a fair amount of it will be pretty real. I'm not looking to present a beautiful and flawless picture of my own life, marriage, or pregnancy (and non-pregnancy). I'm not perfect, and I don't want to convince any of you that I am.

This week you'll be hearing about some pretty imperfect things that went on over the last months, but you'll also hear about some exciting things. There are some heartbreaking moments, and a few tears might be shed. I'd say it'll be a pretty good picture of where this whole thing is headed.


In other news, next month will see the unveiling of a whole new project--one that Levi and I are both working on! Very exciting.


Keep it real,

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