Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week by Week: Week 5

Our Baby: 
  • Looks more like a tadpole than a baby at this point. 
  • Already has a steady heartbeat. 
  • Is just beginning to form ears, eyes, and a skeleton. 
  • Is about the size of a flax seed. 
I (traditionally):
  • Finally have a positive pregnancy test in hand
  • Am not actually carrying a baby that is 5 weeks old. Pregnancy, weirdly, "starts" about two weeks before conception takes place. So I don't actually know the real, gestational age of our baby. 
  • Am taking prenatal vitamins every day.
  • Could be feeling some morning sickness, breast tenderness, and/or fatigue. 
  • Have stopped doing all dangerous activities and stopped ingesting all hazardous materials. 
I (actually): 
  • Still have that test around here somewhere. Again, I'm hoping that the cat didn't get hold of it...
  • Take prenatal vitamins every day. After taking them for almost a year straight, I've found that the gummy vitamins are a) far tastier, b) less likely to gag me, and c) less likely to nauseate me. I'll take that even though they do include extra sugar. 
  • Have no morning sickness yet, although I have found that eating until I am full often results in a more precarious situation if I move or laugh a lot afterward. 
  • No longer fit properly in my brassiere. I live in a state of perpetual fear that my skin won't be able to handle all the weight currently hanging from my torso. 
  • Don't do any dangerous activities. Being boring totally pays off when pregnant. 
  • Stopped having a glass of beer or wine with dinner. I have not made Levi do the same. 
Second Time Around: 
  • That positive test is in my hands! Hallelujah!
  • Oh yeah, prenatal vitamins. Better get those pronto.
  • No weird stomach stuff at all yet. Does wanting tons of sugar count? No, probably not. I always want tons of sugar.  
  • This time I'm still nursing Junior. One of the things that made me think I might want to take a test was the fact that he latched on the other day and immediate ripped himself off and gagged. That wasn't a fun time for either of us. He's since gotten used to it, but for a while there I thought he might just go on strike and leave me hanging. 
  • I, sadly, haven't had a glass of wine with dinner since Christmas. So there has been no imbibing whatsoever during this pregnancy. My unborn child thanks me. My evening relaxation time does not. 

I've made my appointment with my midwife, and family has been notified. Prayers have been asked for and offered. The ball is officially rolling! 

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