Friday, May 15, 2015

This Week's Bright Spots

1. This room

Because even though it looks bad, it means things are happening.

2. This toilet paper.

Because not only did the cat chew it up this time, he also managed to get it soaking wet. Oh, and leave it in the middle of the dining room. 

3. This setup. 

Because it means that the yoga has finally started and it's great!

4. This corner of the stairs. 

Because I finally get to paint the house after waiting for almost a year. And yes, I'm using low VOC paint. 

5. This green backyard. 

Because the upside of an entire week of rain is lush, green grass. Also, our backyard is not this perfect, I just shot around all of the current in-progress projects.


A good week, overall. I'm glad it's spring!

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