Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week by Week: Week 18

Our Baby:
  • Is now almost 6 inches long! That's the size of an average sweet potato, yum!
  • Probably weighs around 6 ounces right now. 
  • Definitely has discernible genitals by now, so we can find out our baby's sex on our next ultrasound--as long as he/she cooperates.
  • Can definitely hear through the amniotic fluid now. 
I (traditionally):
  • Need to be careful now about how quickly I go from lying to sitting to standing to prevent dizziness. 
  • Should be vigilant about my diet, especially now that the novelty of no more morning sickness has worn off. 
  • Am sleeping solely on my side by now. 
  • Am maybe peeing less? Or am maybe peeing more? 
  • Am starting to experience some restlessness at night due to discomfort while trying to sleep. 
I (actually):
  • Am now up 6 pounds since this started. Woo! That was fast. 
  • Notice some dizziness, but mostly in the shower. See, I wash my hair with my head flipped forward (otherwise the shampoo has trouble getting through my thick hair and to my scalp), so standing up straight is always a bit of a head rush. 
  • Besides a craving I indulged this week, I'm being more "normal" with my diet now. It would be so nice to just eat anything I wanted, but I'm finding that my stomach has less and less room for food. This makes it easier to avoid those jalapeno poppers because it just doesn't feel worth it if I can only eat three or four at a time. I guess that's one way to cure gluttony, huh?
  • Do sleep on my side now. I shift in the middle of the night, thinking that it will feel great to be on my back, and then my body just naturally rolls to the side. I'm just not comfortable on my back anymore. Sigh. 
  • Am definitely peeing more. Three times last night. Three times. And I went to bed at 11:00 and got up at 3:00 a.m. Three times
  • Am restless. For sure. It already takes me well over half an hour to fall asleep when not pregnant, so trying to fall asleep after going to the bathroom at 3:00 a.m. is proving too difficult. But at least I get all my useless internet browsing out of the way before the day officially starts, right? 
The last couple weeks have been confusing for a few people because I'm doing pregnancy updates and a series on miscarriage all at the same time. I've had quite a few concerned Facebook messages from people checking up on me. It's all very sweet. 

Along those lines, I still seem to be talking about miscarriage with a lot of ladies. Some friends are in the same boat, and it's really nice to discuss the challenges we've had and where we're currently at. It may seem weird and morbid, but I had the greatest conversation with a friend last night where we swapped miscarriage stories. Her first miscarriage was pretty much the exact same as mine, and it was greatly reassuring to talk to someone who'd been through it before and then had children afterward. It's so easy to get swept up into the "club" of pregnancy and motherhood, and while I'm excited to share those things with other women, I'm working hard to continually devote my heart to those struggling with miscarriage and/or infertility. 

This last weekend gave me quite a nice headache. It wasn't a true migraine because I didn't have an aura like I normally do, and I was still quite hungry, but it was still a pretty painful 36 hours. It was definitely brought on by eating more than 1 serving of some Ben and Jerry's ice cream in one sitting. Sugar and I are no good together.

Freak-Out Moments:

I gave in to my first pregnancy craving this week. I blame Friends. It seems like they're eating bagels in every other episode, and on Sunday night I suddenly wanted one with a fiery passion. And I couldn't just buy some bagels and then eat them however I wanted. I needed plain cream cheese and I needed lox. Come Monday afternoon I purchased bagels, cream cheese, and lox, brought it all straight home and at two. It felt so good. Well, no sooner had I posted a picture of it on Facebook did I realize that smoked salmon might not have been the best choice of foods for a pregnant woman. I've decided to roll with it, but it threw me for a little loop at the time. As much as I live for a good bagel with a slab of fish on it, I'll just stick with a heart schmear of cream cheese for now. 


Another good week (minus the headache)! Can't believe we're almost halfway through!

Keep it real, y'all,

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