Monday, August 3, 2015

Stitch Fix (Maternity) for August 2015

Again, this is considered baby prep for me, but it's also super fun!

Here is my August Stitch Fix. If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, check out the first half of the post I wrote last month, complete with details and real-life pictures of how it works. Or you could simply visit their site from any of the links on this post and explore their simple and informative site. Also, if you decide to sign up for a Fix from one of my links, I will receive a $25 credit toward my next Fix; then you'll have the chance to receive the same credit for every person you refer to Stitch Fix. It's a pretty sweet deal!

So let's get into the good stuff!

The Fix arrives!

I just love opening up the box to a note from my stylist.

And then some suggestions for how to wear my new pieces, along with my detailed item price sheet. It really is crazy how much you can save when you buy everything.

Now, it's finally time to tear open that tissue paper and bring out the good stuff!

Here are the clothes, in no particular order:

Let me first apologize for the grainy, blurry, and weird quality of the photos. Obviously, I'm still using a point-and-shoot camera, and taking these photos before 8:00 in the morning definitely limited the amount of light available! Hopefully you can still see all the pieces well enough.

1. Porter Maternity Legging in Black, Rune ($58.00)

These leggings were the absolute BOMB.COM. Is that a totally dorky thing to say? Either way, just looking at the sheet made me scoff because, seriously, who pays almost $60 for a pair of leggings? Well, it turns out, I'm going to pay almost $60 for a pair of super high-quality, thick, stretchy, and flattering leggings. These things will last me for more than one pregnancy even if I wear them every day. And come fall and winter time (which in MN can start right after Labor Day) , you can bet these babies will be worn A LOT. PLUS these will be great postpartum leggings when I need some support and compression across the belly. This is the only time anyone (besides Levi) will EVER see me in these leggings without a tunic or sweater covering my bum (or with my shirt pulled up), but I just needed to show y'all the beauty of these full-paneled lovelies.

Verdict: KEEP, DUH.

2. Jordie Abstract Print Maxi Skirt in Purple, Renee C ($58.00)

Ok, so I love maxi skirts. They are super comfortable, feminine, and cool in the summer. This skirt felt SO good, and the fit was perfect. Even though I am still wearing my own non-maternity maxi skirt at 6 months pregnant, it turns out a maternity maxi is more more comfortable. I wanted to say all the good things I could about this skirt first, because, sadly, I knew the minute I uncovered this piece in the box that it would get sent back. Don't get me wrong, my stylist NAILED the colors (it's hard to style a woman who only wears grey, white, black, purples, and blues), but the print . . . well, it is just too much. It is extremely rare that I buy printed items. I prefer the interest in my pieces to come from texture rather than print. So . . .

Verdict: Sent back. 

3. Gabre Maternity Dress in Navy, Eight Sixty Maternity ($94.00)

Speaking of texture over prints, how precious is this navy, eyelet lace dress? I truly loved it. It's the appropriate level of modest in the front, but romantic in the back. It's a great summer length, and the sleeves fit my larger arms comfortably. The biggest problem? It was sent to me at 6 months pregnant and it's already at its max over my belly. Darn. I could maybe wear it for one more month. I suppose I could wear it for subsequent pregnancies, but since I've already got more than one summer maternity dress, it's not SUPER necessary for me to get it. Also, while I'm really trying to embrace the mentality of paying more for fewer, quality pieces (minimalism at its core), you'd have to work pretty hard to pry my fingers off of $94.00 for a dress I can only wear a few more times.

Verdict: Sent back.

4. Jenna Dress in Grey, Laila Jayde ($58.00)

Good things about this dress . . . It has pockets. I love me some pockets. This dress could be super cute with a belt or lots of accessories, but the picture you see above is pretty much just how I would wear it. I'm am not an accessory person. On a certain type of body, this dress might just look loose and flowy and chic. On me, it just looks . . . not great.

Verdict: Sent back with no hesitation.

5. Sally Hammered Circle Pendant Necklace in Gold, Towne & Reese ($28.00)

Please forgive the hypocrisy of saying that I'm not an accessories person and then immediately turning around and showing you the necklace that I LOVED and kept. Perhaps I should say that I don't do LOTS of accessories, and the 3 necklaces I wear all follow a very simple formula: they must be a neutral material (metal, glass, or wood), they must be longer, and they must be extremely simple and streamlined. This necklace fit the bill perfectly.

Verdict: Kept.

I folded up the rest of them items, placed them in the pre-paid mailer, and out they went to the mailbox.

Just like my July Stitch Fix post, I'll come back here in a few weeks and provide an update on the pieces I decided to keep.


How am I feeling about Stitch Fix now that I've had my second Fix? I am pleased to report that I'm still feeling great about it. It's just fun! Especially since you can schedule you Fixes as far apart as you want, it's a great option if you spend $20 or more when you purchase an item of clothing. It's even better if you don't have the drive or the energy to scour store after store and site after site for unique and interesting pieces.

Can't wait for the next Stitch Fix! If you're considering taking the plunge, go for it!!


Keep it real,

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