Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week by Week: 29 Weeks

You might be noticing that this post is appearing a week late. We were in Texas visiting family last week, so you'll get this update today, and I'll post the current week (Week 30) tomorrow. 

Our Baby (a.k.a Lil' Feisty): 
  • Is somewhere between 15 and 17 inches long, and now weighs over 2.5 pounds. This seems like a lot already, but Feisty is going to triple in weight before birth! That's a lot of growing to do in just 11 weeks.
  • Continues to grow those fat deposits under the skin, making for surges in energy--this means more enthusiastic kicks and punches. 
  • Is using up all of my calcium to continue hardening those bones. 
  • Doesn't have a whole lot more going on. Lungs are getting stronger. Brain is getting more powerful. Body is getting fatter. That's about it at this point! 
I (traditionally): 
  • Should have an average weight gain of around 19 to 25 pounds at this point (and this number may be higher or lower depending on starting BMI). 
  • Might struggle with constipation and any number of digestive system issues: hemorrhoids, heartburn, frequent urination. 
  • Will need to eat more and more frequently because that baby is sucking up every ounce of minerals and vitamins from my diet. Better not forget those prenatals!
  • Have pain in any number of places: back, legs, pelvis, hips, etc. 
  • Have an itchy belly due to all that stretching skin. 
  • Will start thinking about things like a hospital bag.
I (actually): 

  • Am right in the ballpark of average weight gain. At the very least, my midwife doesn't seem concerned, so I'm not going to be. 
  • Find myself a tad bit constipated. At least, for me. My system is usually a well-oiled machine, people. Working for a bowel movement, well, let's just say that it's unusual. 
  • Definitely have been eating more. On the day we flew to Texas it was a bit difficult to get any regular meals, so it was just one snack after another. Thankfully, we always eat well at the in-laws, so I'm not struggling there. 
  • Have fleeting moments of pain, but nothing so bad that I'm ready to complain here. 
  • No itching belly. But itching boobs? Wow. 
  • Have started making my hospital bag list. I feel like there's no way to really know what we'll need, and I'm SO not the kind to pack a giant bag full of anything and everything. 

Pretty much the night after I wrote my 28 weeks post I started having trouble sleeping. I sort of drift in and out of dreamy thoughts, but it's not until the wee hours of the morning that I actually fall asleep. Then Levi's alarm goes off and I'm up for a little bit. Sadly, the best sleep I get each day is between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Thank goodness my schedule allows me that luxury.

Speaking of sleep, I've become someone who naps pretty much every day now. And I'm not talking some little cat nap. I'm talking a good hour or two of deep sleep. It depends on the day and what I have time for, of course, but if there's room for a nap you can bet I'm going to take it.


Freak-Out Moment:

I didn't really have a freak-out moment this week, but I did fly for the first time while pregnant. In all honesty, it's not that much different than flying while not pregnant, but there were a few things.

  1. The TSA agents are MUCH nicer when you're pregnant. Strangers will offer you congratulations and make small talk where they never did before. You might like this, or this might freak you out. 
  2. Decide far ahead of time whether or not you'll want to go through the X-ray thing or get a pat down instead. When the airport is busy and the line is moving quickly, it's pretty much impossible to take any time to weigh your options and make an informed decision. 
  3. Airport and airplane seats are simply not comfortable. If you are a shorter person (especially one with short legs like me), seats that recline are never going to help you in the comfort department. Your weight will shift to your tailbone, and I PROMISE that sitting for hours on your tailbone while pregnant is NOT fun. Know your body type, and do what you need to in order to ensure that you can sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor most of the time.
  4. It's harder to walk up and down the aisle of a plane while pregnant. And I don't care how short your flight is, you should try to get up at least once when you fly. You'll probably need to do it to go to the bathroom anyway. 

That's all I've got for now! Sorry this update is a bit on the bland side. Week 30 will be better, I promise!

Keep it real, y'all, 

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