Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week by Week: Week 32

Our Baby (a.k.a. Lil' Feisty): 
  • Is anywhere from 15 to 17 inches long, and weighs 2.5 to 4 pounds. 
  • Is likely in the head-down position by now. I should find out at my appointment tomorrow. 
  • Doesn't have as much space anymore, so there's less kicking and punching and more...sliding and rolling. 
  • Just continues to get fatter and fatter--which is a great thing!
  • Keeps adding wrinkles to the brain. 
  • Has lungs that continue to grow stronger and stronger, but it will still be several weeks before they are fully developed. 
I (traditionally): 
  • Have more and more Braxton Hicks contractions, and they might even feel stronger. 
  • Will notice my nipples getting even darker. This is so baby can see them for feeding. 
  • Am having a much harder time breathing. Basically, it should feel impossible by now.
  • Notice my heartburn increasing in intensity as well. 
  • Might notice an increase in things that leak.....well, everywhere. This is prep for labor and birth. 
  • Am still gaining a pound per week. 
  • Could notice my belly beginning to slope downward rather than staying in a shelf-like position. 
  • Need to stay as hydrated as possible at this point. With a bigger baby and Braxton Hicks coming regularly water has never been so important. 
I (actually):
  • Definitely notice more Braxton Hicks, and it's always when I have done one of two (or perhaps, both) things: either I have been exerting myself/doing a lot of walking, or I haven't had enough water yet that day. I'm not sure if they feel stronger yet, but they still don't hurt. Just extreme tightness around my middle. 
  • Haven't been paying attention to my nipple color, sorry. I'm sure Lil' Feisty will be able to see them just fine. 
  • Have noticed a decrease in my own lung capacity, but I've had several comments from people who are amazed that I can still sing and breathe normally. As someone who spends all her free time singing at the top of her lungs and practicing old-school choral breathing exercises (hello, NERD) I'm still feeling pretty good in the breath department. Also, continuing to practice those HypnoBirthing exercises has helped keep me in shape, too. 
  • Heartburn is still hanging around, but I haven't had a terrible episode yet. 
  • Am not leaking any colostrum yet, thankfully. Everywhere else? Well, just read the story at the bottom. 
  • Continue to gain about two pounds between appointments, equaling just about a pound a week. I'm already over what was recommended for me based on my starting weight, but my midwife told me that my gaining curve is still extremely normal and she's not worried about where I'll end up. If I continue at my current rate, I'll have gained about 35 pounds over the pregnancy. 
  • Have not noticed any sloping. If anything, that shelf just keeps jutting out more and more. I'm carrying super high right now. 
  • Can't drink enough water. I'm going to start carrying around a giant water bottle instead of trying to refill glass after glass after glass....

This week had a few firsts, most noticeable being the appearance of the first stretch mark on my belly. But then, weirdly, it seemed to be gone today. I kept peering at the area (just above my belly button) in the mirror, but I cant find it anymore. I'm not sure how normal this is, but it's weirding me out a bit. 

Also, for the first time I have had zero motivation and energy to do more than keep things picked up and straightened. My normal love of cleaning seems to have disappeared. I have no projects waiting to be finished (or even started) up in the nursery. Even writing these weekly updates suddenly seems like a big chore. All I want to do right now I sleep. Sleep is wonderful. With the way I'm wired, however, I also end up thinking that I'm the laziest person in the entire world. 

Freak-Out Moments:

So, yesterday I went to the bathroom. I got up, got all my layers back on and adjusted, and started to walk away. Suddenly, I could feel myself leaking, and I realized that I wasn't able to stop it. Bad enough if I was about to pee myself, but even worse if it was amniotic fluid leaking. Turns out, it was pee. So there's that now. Just twisting around and walking is enough to inspire the desperate urge to sit on the toilet. Sigh. 


That's all I've got for y'all right now. I'm thinking that I need a nap, even though the dishes from last night are still all over the counters.....


Keep it real, 

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