Monday, December 21, 2015

How to Display Your Holiday Cards Quickly and Easily (and Cheaply!)

We may have a newborn baby around here, but we can't let everything slide, can we? 'Tis the season to receive endless stacks of holiday cards and yearly updates from people. And just what are you supposed to DO with all of that stuff? You're pretty much heartless if you toss it in the trash recycling, and you're just asking for a pile of STUFF if you keep it around. I mean, where do you put it?

Last year I just put them all in a bowl on our coffee table. That was nice, but it didn't really give us a chance to look at all the cards at once. And since most people these days put family pictures on the front of their cards, it's really nice to look over all our loved ones with a glance--and with said newborn, sometimes that's all I can spare at the moment!

Enter the quickest organization solution I think I have EVER come up with. Seriously, y'all, it took me two minutes to think of this, two minutes to run upstairs and grab the supplies, and ten minutes to put it up on the wall. All this while I was frantically praying that Junior would nap more than half an hour as he's been known to do around here.

If I can do it in those circumstances, I KNOW you can do it too!

Let me tell you how!

So basically, what you'll need are these three things:
  1. Twine or string of your choice (a bit thicker and stronger is good).
  2. Two or three (or more) clear command hooks. 
  3. Miniature clothes pins (found in abundance at craft store and/or Target this time of year). 
  4. Optional: Gold paint for extra bling.
And here's what you do: 

Grab the command hooks and space them out along your wall where you want the "peaks" of your string to appear. Stick them on the wall. 

Then unspool your string to the desired length and "droop" level between each hook. Just remember that the weight of the cards will make the string extra droopy. Do a double loop of string around the middle hook if you've got one. And just tie a knot at the ends to make a hanging loop--as shown in the picture above. 

Then slide and cards that open up onto the string. And then clip any flat cards onto those with your clothes pins. 



And how fun is that? Now I can see all the new cards as they come in and enjoy thinking about all the people in our lives that we love and miss at this time of year.

And now I must leave y'all before Junior wakes up from his nap!

Keep it real,

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