Tuesday, August 30, 2016

In which I explain my absence.

I have been absent from posting here for so long because we've been working on a move from the great white north of Minnesota down to the rolling plains of Kansas.

No, I'm lying. I'm just lazy. Also, I have a baby, and who knew that would take so much time, right?

But seriously, I will be back soon and I will be writing more. Some things will be handy, dandy lists or projects because we really and truly did move from Minnesota to Kansas, and we happen to be renting a very large, very old house that could use some love. And some things will be more personal--not that I have anything new to share at the moment.

So, as a short catch-up, here's what life has looked like since April.

Junior (we also call him Bing Bong) has grown leaps and bounds.

Phew! It literally feels like Bing Bong has gotten this big in the amount of time it took you to scroll through those pictures. I can't keep up with him!

Besides that, we experienced a change of seasons in Minnesota.

And then we moved to Kansas!

Pictures and thoughts and scenes from that time will follow shortly.

I'll be seeing y'all again soon, I promise!

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