Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Forthcoming: Our Story

This blog has become more of an every-other-day type of thing as my readers may have noticed. And sometimes it's even for legitimate reasons. For example, I spent the entire day yesterday while Levi was at work cleaning the house, doing dishes, washing laundry, and scrubbing and polishing the various surfaces of our home.

See, I say that because every other day that I haven't posted has been for a much less legitimate reason, like, say, playing Plants vs. Zombies. And no judging! That game is addictive and should come with a warning label! "Side effects may include excessive time wasting, lack of initiative, declined hygiene, and vivid dreams of frantically planting peashooters to ward off the oncoming horde."

All that to say that last night when I was having trouble sleeping I began to brainstorm other things I could do on this blog to not only motivate myself to post, but also to give those who read this blog something they'd enjoy reading. And let's face it, anyone who's tried (or succeeded) to regularly post recipes with beautiful pictures knows that it's a big job. So. Daily recipe posts are out.

So what's coming?! Drumroll please...

Our story.

Like a bolt of lightning it hit me! Levi and I love our story. We find it incredibly romantic, old-fashioned yet romantic at the same time, and unique. It's the kind of story we would tell people and grin as we watched their eyes bug out and say "What?! Are you serious?! You guys are crazy!"

It's one of those stories like my parents' story. I used to love telling people their story. It's also romantic and unique. It really fits them, and the sighs I would get from my girlfriends when I would tell them just made me happy to have such cool parents in love.

And Levi and I want that for our kids. We want them to know our story and to able to share that with those in their lives. We want them to know how crazy in love and swept up their parents got at the beginning (and, God-willing, will still be).

What follows, then, will be partly for posterity's sake and partly to continue to illuminate the details of our relationship to those around us, from our first communication online, to our first meeting, to our fast engagement, to our sweet summer wedding.

First post coming later this week!

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