Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In which I complete my very first DIY project!

I have finally done it. I have finally become an official blogging woman. How have I accomplished such a thing? I have done so by initiating, constructing, and completing my first DIY project by my own strength and ingenuity. No help from the hubby here.

Sadly, I have not yet joined the ranks of blogging women who also provide detailed and beautifully photographed tutorials of said projects. As such, my directions, if you even want them, are a bit on the curt side. And don't come with helpful photographs.

I beg forgiveness, friends. Someday I shall move up in the ranks of bloggers, but since this blog is mostly focused on things other than DIY-ing, I'm sure most of you don't mind.

I shared a sneak peak of the project on Friday, and then neglected to post it for you yesterday. I was full of good intentions as yesterday began, but by the end of the day I was fighting a major case of the blues on my way home and decided it was time to pull out the big guns. By that I mean Cow Tracks ice cream.

Oh yes. Moose Tracks? Bear Tracks? Rabbit Tracks? So many different things to choose from, each with a different filling (caramel! fudge! peanut butter! golden rainbow!). I have never had Cow Tracks before, but since spying it in the freezer last night I may never go back. I have just two words for you: MINT FILLING. That's right.

While it's not my official favorite flavor of ice cream (I'll never leave you, Cookies 'n' Cream), it's a very close second. Also, I get to run through one of my many favorite moments from The Office as I buy, eat, and enjoy Mint Chocolate Chip.

By the way, if you didn't just stop and watch that clip from The Office, here's your second chance.

Go ahead. Watch it.

. . .

You're welcome.

Anyway, last night was a bury-my-face-in-a-huge-bowl-of-ice-cream kind of night as a result of a steady downhill slide during the day. All is better now, and, aside from a touchy stomach (curse you, dairy!), I have no lingering sadness from yesterday.

All that to say, TODAY is the day that the Lord has made! Also, the day that I will share with you my project! And if this hasn't been a long enough intro for you, here are the rest of the pictures.

And since I don't have a handy tutorial, I went ahead and did the second-best thing. I broke down my costs and a very general description of my labor for y'all.

It was a super cheat and super easy project! Even if you bought everything new, I bet you could pull it off for less than $20. Seriously!

I had the wood and the hooks in my garage already, so all I needed was some paint for the hooks (they had splashes of white paint all over them) and some stain for the wood. I added the cute little basket to "make it pretty." That part was just for me.

The coolest part? Since I wasn't picky about the color of the wood, I just snooped through Home Depot's "OOPS" section. This is where they keep all the paint and stains that people have mixed but then don't buy. And sometimes people have sample pots of stains mixed and the "OOPS" leftovers are only fifty cents. That's right. Fifty cents. Score! So I got this great stain with a bit of gray in it for only fifty cents. I think it adds a lovely bit of age to this piece of wood.

If you need more info, just ask me in the comments. :)


Keep it real,

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