Thursday, November 13, 2014

In which I decide I don't care that it's before Thanksgiving.

As you may already know, we've had snow up here. Lots of snow. Enough snow so that Levi and I are shoveling our driveway three times a day after the vile wind blows massive drifts over our driveway.

As you may also know, we just lost our second baby. This has prompted, among many other things, the need to find projects and the need to add some cheer around our home.

And what is it that can add instant cheer?

Christmas decorations!!

I know that it's not Thanksgiving yet. I know that we all bemoan the stores when they put out Christmas items before Halloween is even here. I know that it's only supposed to be the crazy, holiday-obsessed, dress-their-dogs-in-holiday-sweaters people who put their decorations up early.

Well, we've already proved that I'm more than willing to put my cat in a sweater, so I'll just step it on up to full-on holiday madness. Besides, nothing provides more joy than bright, twinkly lights!

A caveat before I got any further. My house is so not a Pinterest-y house, so don't think too poorly of my decorating skills. I'm planning on honing our decorations over many years, and this is only the first year we've "officially" decorated.

That long line of Christmas ornaments is the result of me impulse buying one too many boxes during the mega clearance sales after Christmas last year. I then had an entire box of ornaments and no room on my tree. But now that "garland" of ornaments is short and more than a little funky looking. Which means that I now must buy as many of the same ornaments as possible so I can have a proper garland. Woe is me.

In other news, today I finally hung a picture that I've been meaning to hang for a long, long time.

Now, you might not think that hanging a picture is that big a deal. You might think that until you see where this picture has been hung.

Those are not short, little stairs. Those are actually pretty steep stairs. And as you can see, there's no convenient way to access that special spot right at the bottom. So what did I do? Not kidding, I improvised a solution using my step stool and about six pillows. Yeesh.

Levi would be most upset with me if he knew. Would be? I should say WILL BE as soon as he comes home and sees what I've done. But nothing feels better than having our guest "registry" from our wedding finally up in a place of prominence in our home.


I'm working on an awesome project right now (in fact, I'm trying not to be dizzy from the fumes earlier), and I can't wait to show it to y'all soon.

Keep it real,

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