Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In which I chop my hair off . . . sort of.

I'm feeling good right now. I'm hopeful and I have a renewed sense of purpose for my life. I have healthy relationships with the people in my life. I'm eating well and I'm exercising and I'm getting plenty of sleep.

Well, I'm getting enough sleep. And except for the cake donuts always calling my name at the grocery store, I'm eating well. Ok, donuts and the peanut butter s'mores brownies I'm about to try tomorrow. And, fiiiiine, I've exercised precisely once in 2015.

So, I guess I'm not perfect in those areas, but the point is that I'm working on it again with vigor and enthusiasm (unless it's spelled e-x-e-r-c-i-s-i-n-g).

This is a great thing because the last six months have been some pretty down months for us. Exactly six months ago we miscarried. And two and half months ago we miscarried again. That whole period was filled with sadness, heartbreak, homesickness, frustration, doubt, and desperation (a little).

If you've been through a similar experience, you eventually reach a stage where you just feel like making some sort of drastic change. I reached that point, but I held myself back for fear that my desire for a drastic change would end up feeling, well, drastic the next day.

When things began going better, I found myself still wanting a change. I no longer wanted a drastic change, but it was time to change up the hair. It was either that or pierce my nose, and since only 50% of the household was on board with that, it ended up being a haircut.

I don't have any pictures of my hair before the cut because I'm a bad blogger and I just start things without thinking about the fact that some people might want "before" shots. Oops. Sorry.

Here's the best I have.

The hair here is pretty close to what I have now, but it's longer and the layers are still in it. My goal was no layers. 

Also, we can take a moment to talk about the fact that I was eating lunch at the table and the cat decided to sit on my shoulders so he could get a better look at my food. And then try to eat it. 

He loves avocados. Weird. 

I also grabbed a quick video of the event. It's fun, but it also shows the hair. Layers. All over the place. I wanted those to be gone. 

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out: 

Huzzah for fresh, new hair!

Happy Tuesday!


Keep it real, 


  1. Woah! I just cut my hair about that length! You look beautiful and your cat is weird. :-)

    1. Again, twins. Also, thank you. Also, I know, right?