Friday, January 30, 2015

This week's bright spots

Because it's the little things.

1. This cat.

Because he reminded us of all those "Hey girl . . ." memes.

2. This stack of cards.

Because they were lovely, but it's time to file them away. 

3. This planner page.

Because it's finally February, which means it's almost time for the IF:Gathering.

4. This set up.

Because it means we're finally trying to work on our food blog by improving our photography.

5. These results.

Because I got to make some amazing treats that I'll share with you next week, and because even though my skills came a long way in a week, I already have ideas on how to improve. 


Can't wait to share that delicious recipe with y'all! It's not going on the blog because it's pretty much diabetes in a pan. Delicious diabetes, that is. 

Keep it real, y'all!

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