Monday, February 2, 2015

Like a Girl: 2015 Superbowl Commercial

I wrote a post back in December about why I can't stand the phrase "Like a girl" because of its negative and damaging connotations for both sexes.

An amazing commercial aired last summer that initially took the jumbled thoughts that had been bouncing around in my brain and clicked them into coherent arguments. It also aired during last night's Superbowl, apparently, and set off quite a firestorm, both positive and negative.

I shared that same commercial on this blog's Facebook site back in December, but I'd like to share it again, here.

I will always believe that the words we let out of our mouths eventually shape the patterns and paradigms of our lives. I'll say it again, and I'll blog about it frequently:

I want to remove "like a girl" and other, hurtful, paradigm-shifting phrases from my mouth and the mouths of any future daughters I might have until it's no longer a damaging insult. As the commercial states, I want that phrase to mean something powerful and affirming to women, but I also want that phrase to encourage and inspire men as well. I want any future sons to marvel at the unique and different traits given to women and to truly believe that they are (like all people) human beings, loved and specifically created by God in His image.

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