Friday, February 13, 2015

This week's bright spots.

It's been a rough week. 24 hours of a broken furnace when it's -13 degrees outside (that's not including wind chill). Two, count them: two, migraines. The inevitable come down after an incredible conference over the weekend.

But there were some bright, little things this week. Here they are.

1. These prayer requests. 

Because the IF:gathering was, in a word, transformational, and asking for prayer (and participating in prayer) was a big release. 

2. This meal.

Because Levi allowed me to make our dinner last night, and I was dying to try out this recipe. By the way, it was amazing. Make. It. Soon.

3. This heater. 

And about six other heaters as well, for they kept our house warm during the 24 hours that our furnace was dead. It's so wonderful to have friends who help out in time of need. 

4. This sheet music. 

Because I've missed this song, and playing and singing music is a good way to distract myself from an oncoming headache. 

 . . .

And, last of all, a disclaimer before the final Bright Spot of my week: 

I am not a vegan. I am not even a vegetarian. I also love anatomy. My favorite parts of science classes were the dissection labs. I was the only student in my A&P class willing to poke around and lean in during the human cadaver lab. 

It doesn't bother me. 

But I know it grosses out and/or bothers a lot of people. So . . .


Vegan friends, best stop reading now . . .


Squeamish friends, best stop reading now . . .


Certain family members who are picky about their poultry (love you!), best stop reading now . . .


You all ignored me didn't you? Well, you were warned. My last bright spot is: 






5. This chicken heart. 

Because we buy our chickens straight from a farm, but usually the internal organs are taken out, washed, and put back in separately. But this chicken not only provided much-needed grease for my dry hands and my dry cutting board, it also came with the heart still attached inside the ribs. I got to remove it myself, clean it myself, and then dissect it myself. It. Was. Awesome. 


That's all for this week. Now I need to remove myself from a screen and crawl back into bed. 

Keep it real, 

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  1. Those darn migraines!! I am so sorry Mary Beth. Praying for you. Count yourself lucky - I have never found a chicken heart in my fresh-from-the-farm chickens!