Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Week by Week: Week 7

Our Baby:
  • Is the size of a (small) blueberry right now: half an inch long!
  • Has the beginning of every essential organ by now--even an appendix. 
  • Is forming hair follicles.
I (traditionally): 
  • Am struggling regularly with nausea, especially in the mornings. 
  • Am weirdly sensitive to the smells around me.
  • Don't look pregnant yet, so most people wouldn't know anything was different. 
  • Am still riding the strange, hormonal roller coaster of emotions, courtesy of being preggo. 
I (actually): 
  • Have had a few "weird smell" moments. The cat jumped on the bed next to me the other day and I just knew he'd been down in the litter box. Was it a slightly poop-ish smell emanating from him? No. Even weirder. It was the chemical+floral smell that I recognized as his cat litter. To double check, I grabbed him and checked. Yep, cat litter smell coming from under his front paws. Which I could smell from two feet away. 
  • I don't look pregnant to others. I do look pregnant to me, though. Or perhaps it is just the pudging of my stomach due to:
  • So. Much. Bloating. And that comes from: 
  • Slower bowels. Hooray! I was away from home for five days this last week, and during that time my diet was much lower in fiber. I feel like I haven't moved well all week, and I am convinced that it's showing on my body. Time to up the fiber and the water, y'all. 
  • Though I might not look pregnant to those around me, those who know me were definitely aware that I am different. There might have been an impromptu dance party one night, and I spent it sitting on the couch, too exhausted to even tap my foot. If the people I was with hadn't known already that I was pregnant, they probably would have wondered what terminal illness I was suffering from. Sitting down during dancing is a huge no-no for MB. 
  • Am finding that small. filling meals every few hours are the key to a non-pinchy stomach for me. 
  • Still have no real nausea. If it's going to rear its ugly head, it should happen by the end of next week. 
I only took a small sip from the hormone cocktail this week, but it was still weird for me and Levi. We were playing a game together, and at one point he took a move I had planned on making. It wasn't out of spite, it was simply a good move and he got to it first. My reaction? Tears. Of anger. He stole my move. HOW DARE HE?! As it was happening, I knew that it was dumb, so I tried to reassure Levi of that fact. Imagine how confusing it must have been to him to have a crying, red-faced woman trying to reassure him that these tears should be ignored. Poor man. 

I'm also finding myself to be much more sentimental around those I care about. This includes my cat. A week ago he got a bad virus in his GI tract and stopped eating for 3 days. The night before I left town he slept curled up in a ball in my arms. He never does that. I cried while holding him, sure that I would never see him alive again. Thanks, hormones. 

Freak Out Moments: 
  • Thankfully, nothing this week has contributed to what I would deem a "freak out." I'm hoping to keep that up!

Let's keep the good weeks coming, y'all!

Keep it real, 

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