Friday, May 22, 2015

This Week's Bright Spots

1. This neatly rolled change. 

Because it turns out that saving your change can pay off. Date night here we come! 
*P.S. Diego hates that whistle. 

2. This mantle staging. 

Because the subtle color change from a painted wall suddenly ties it all together. 

3. This granola bar.

Because I bought a few things to try out as my extra 300 calories each day, and these are my favorite. They also happen to taste just like my favorite Girl Scout cookies, Caramel Delights. I know they are also called Samoas, but they were Caramel Delights when I sold them, and Caramel Delights they will always be to me. 

4. This painting progress.

Because I am this close to finishing the trickiest part in the house. 

5. This guy.

Because he lives for this spot in our bedroom window. 


Is everyone else ready for a long weekend? I know we are!

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