Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week by Week: Week 12

Our Baby:
  • Is still in that small fruit range, so this week I've decided to use a plum as representation.
  • Is now shifting from that weird alien-like stage into a real, mini-human-looking thing. 
  • Can now pee, ew! Ok, so technically our baby's kidney's can now secrete urine, but it's just so much grosser/cooler to say that my baby can pee now. 
  • Now responds to me and anyone else who pokes my belly, as evidenced by the fact that my midwife had to move the doppler to several different places to keep an ear on the baby's heartbeat today. He or she is squirming around like crazy in there!
I (traditionally):
  • Will experience a decrease in morning sickness at this point. 
  • Am possibly noticeably pregnant to those studying me carefully while I'm wearing tighter clothes. 
  • Might start noticing an increase in headaches and dizziness. 
I (actually):
    • Keep thinking that I'm feeling better, and then BAM, turns out I'm not; however, I think it has more to do with the times that I don't eat very well. It's kind of encouraging that I only feel gross after eating a cookie instead of after eating anything and everything. 
    • Would classify my current look as "frumpy" instead of noticeably pregnant to others. 
    • Feel pregnant to those people who can press on my tummy. There are only three people on that list, by the way, and they are me, Levi, and my midwife.
    • Did have a nice headache yesterday, but it most definitely was not a migraine, and a long nap cured me of it. I haven't had any dizziness yet. 
    • Still have extra strong emotions, most of which make me want to cry. I often tell people that my body can only handle a certain amount of emotion, so when any emotion becomes too strong it spills out in the form of tears. Since my emotions have been on overdrive, I find myself tearing up at the strangest things. 
    Have finally let myself go nuts searching for different nursery ideas. I have been having such a fun time deciding on a look and feel for the room. 

    This goes well with my nesting instinct, which kicked in this last weekend. We cleaned out the basement, and my only job was to bring down some of our storage things to put in the cleaned out spaces. Those boxes of things (mostly Christmas decorations and Levi's scale models) are still sitting in the upstairs hallway because instead of doing a small task, I reorganized all of our bookshelves, binders, movies, and games, moved all our office furniture and supplies into the library room, and added far too many extra boxes to the pile of stuff to go in the basement. On my list this week is to finally put our futon together (I had to find replacement parts at the hardware store) and finish the library room once and for all. Then I can get Levi's LEGOs out of the baby's room. Then I can order some nursery furniture. Then I can paint the room.....then I can put it all together......ah! I can't wait to do it all!

    Freak-Out Moments:

    I literally just confirmed my first purchase for the baby's room. A glider! Woo!

    I held my breath for a split-second during my appointment with my midwife today. That moment between the fetal doppler touching my stomach and the baby's heartbeat showing up seemed to stretch on for eternity. But then it was there. That steady throbbing, quick and fast and gentle, that let us know that this little one was doing well was the best thing I've heard all month. 

    It's been a good week so far, and I can't wait for another one. 

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