Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week by Week: Week 13

Our Baby:
  • Is now the size of a peach.
  • Is no longer half head! He/she is only 1/3 head.
  • Has a unique set of fingerprints already. 
  • Now stores his/her intestines on the inside of the body. You'd think that makes sense, but that's not the way it starts with a baby. 
  • Is forming vocal chords. I can't wait to hear the cries of that little one.
I (traditionally):
  • Am beginning to change the kind of clothing I'm wearing even if I'm not in maternity clothes yet. 
  • Might have the beginning of stretch marks. 
  • Have stopped getting up to pee in the middle of the night. 
  • Am feeling less nauseated. 
  • Have more energy. 
I (actually):
  • Bought a pair of super cheap jeans (from Wal-Mart *hangs head in shame*) that seem tailor-made for a woman with a bit of a pooch. I've had these for a few weeks now, and they've been great. They look totally normal, but there's tons of room for an expanding abdomen. The only issue right now is that I'm getting a serious case of saggy bottom if I walk around too long. It's the first time in my life that I've wished my stomach would get bigger so my pants would fit better!
  • Have had stretch marks for all of my adult life. Ain't nothing new here. But I haven't noticed any new ones yet. 
  • Am no longer peeing in the middle of the night. Thank goodness. 
  • Keep thinking it's all over, and then it will creep up on my so fast that I have to clap my hand to my mouth because I was just poking through the fridge and then BAM. It likes to happen on Sunday mornings.  
  • Have my energy back. Perhaps not all of it, but I have some, and that some is all the excuse I need to start acting like a crazy person again. 

Last week marked the return of my energy, and it continues this week. So far, I've hauled around and assembled a futon, rearranged the furniture in our TV room, reorganized and sorted through all of our books and papers, re-alphabetized our DVD collection, organized and stored all of Levi's LEGOs, cleaned out the nursery, hauled our new glider upstairs, measured the nursery, and made a mock-up of where each item of furniture will go. I've also put together our online registry and a mood board for the nursery. I can't seem to do enough quickly enough. I'm legitimately scared of what I'll turn into when the hardcore nesting instinct takes over . . .

I attended a local support group meeting last night, and it was so encouraging. The local doulas here started a childbirth "collective," as they call it, and they meet once a month to discuss various aspects of labor and birth. Last night we talked about labor and birth positions. It was great to have ideas and tips, but the best part was hearing the stories and wisdom of the women who have had children before (one woman has had 11 natural births!). I also got to meet some ladies who are also currently pregnant, and it will be nice to attend those meetings together. 

Freak-Out Moments:

None this week. Huzzah!


Keep it real, y'all! I'm hoping that I can post more often now that I finally have energy again. I'd like to share my nursery mood board this week. 

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