Monday, December 8, 2014

In which I vow to never complain about cramps again.

Does the title give enough away? I'm feeling that lovely aching in my abdomen that signals the onset of that time of the month. That time of the month used to be that-time-that-annoys-the-crap-out-of-me. Then it became that-time-where-I-know-that-I'm-not-pregnant-thank-goodness-because-we're-not-ready-yet. Now it's that-time-where-I-know-that-I'm-not-pregnant-even-though-I-should-still-be-and-I-really-want-to-be.


And in case the title wasn't descriptive enough, I've got a good case of cramps. I've always had some pretty powerful cramps. One time they were bad enough that I puked. Let me tell you, I couldn't eat angel hair pasta for years after that one.

I used to complain about my cramps. Frequently.

And now . . .

Having been through two miscarriages, one with the pain of labor and one with what actually qualifies as bad cramps, I've realized that my complaints about menstrual cramps were quite foolish.

They do hurt, true. And sometimes I need to recline in bed with a heated wrap on my stomach. But no one has died. Nothing is being lost. No dreams are squashed, and nothing has been snatched away. Shoot, it's downright luxurious to spend some hours in bed with a heated wrap, a snuggly cat, and a movie of my choice on the laptop.

So I'm vowing right now to never again complain about my cramps. They hurt, but to complain about them? Nope.


In other news, I can't stay in bed too much today. I've got a project to work on! My sister was visiting this week, and I roped her into helping me paint the living room. Remember the fake brick on our living room walls? Here's an example. Here's another example. With real brick in one corner and fake brick on the rest of the walls, the room felt cramped and busy and blech.

Well, it's primed and ready for the real paint, and it already looks so much better! I can't wait to show it to y'all!


Keep it real,

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